Video Interviews with Scientists

New Interview with “The Bakersfield Doctors”, Dr Dan Erickson and Dr Artin Massihi. Their original interview, after reaching five million views, was taken down by YouTube on the grounds that it “violated community standards.” 47 minutes. Here.

Latest Interview with Dr. Wittkowski, released on 29th April. Here. All his predictions from earlier videos are vindicated. Just over one hour, but well worth your time, especially when on lockdown. Taken down by YouTube. Now on Bitchute here.

Interview with Prof. Johan Giesecke, Sweden’s Top Epidemiologist (Retired.) Here

Interview Dr John Ioannidis, Stanford University. Over an hour, very detailed. Here

Interview with Dr Knut Wittkowski (Previously Tubingen and Rockefeller Universities.)  Here  (And transcript here.) Taken down by YouTube. Now on Bitchute here.