Daily Mirror Confirms Dr Wittkowski. That is GREAT NEWS!

This was the Mirror’s Front Page Headline on Friday 15th May:  19M Brits have had Virus and Recovered. Most will not understand why that is truly great news; and, of course, it is not in the nature of the media today to report any good news. It seems the Mirror got their knuckles rapped very hard for reporting it, because by 11am the same day all internet references to it had been scrubbed, even from the Mirror’s own website.

Why is this such good news? It means that millions of people have had Covid without even knowing it, and are now immune. And it precisely confirms what we reported two days ago (here): namely that in a private phone call with me, “Dr Wittkowski’s “best guess” was that current immunity in the UK was approaching 30%.” Nineteen million out of a population of sixty-six million is 29%. The 19M figure comes from Epidemiologist Prof John Newton and his team at Manchester University. Now, is it not strange that a dedicated team of experts in the UK, after much research, come up with the same figure as a New York Epidemiologist having a quick guess?

The answer is that it is not strange at all. All honest Epidemiologists use the same models, (see here) which are backed by masses of empirical evidence. They don’t need to draw a graph to have a pretty neat idea of where an epidemic is going. Unless, of course, they happen to be the now disgraced Prof. Ferguson, who ignited the whole Covid hysteria with his prediction that half a million in the UK would die.

As pointed out in our earlier article, the UK needs about 60% to 70% immunity to have reached full herd immunity. We are already about half way there. This means that if we end the lockdown today, apart from shielding vulnerable groups, the NHS will not be overwhelmed, most of us can get back to normal life, and the numbers dying will be minimal. In fact, they will be far fewer than the numbers dying BECAUSE of the Lockdown (see here.)

Did the Daily Mirror explain all of this? Certainly not. That would have been far too much to expect of the mass media. They said previous infection “may” provide immunity. Previous exposure to an infection virtually always confers immunity. That is basic science. And if exposure does not give immunity, how on Earth will a vaccine work? Vaccinations work precisely because they stimulate the immune system in the way natural contact with a disease does.  Let’s just state it clearly: contact with an infection provides immunity in almost all cases, and there is no valid reason to assume Covid is different.

And the Mirror goes on to say that it is now possible for mass testing over a period of time to show us how we might get out of lockdown. That is nonsense. We do not need that testing, and we do not need to stay in lockdown. We just need a proper application of the science of Epidemiology to know that we can unlock now. That is the message that Dr Wittkowski and others have been putting out for weeks (See videos here.) That is the message the mass media has been sitting on, and which YouTube have regularly taken down.

Do not be afraid of Covid. There is a one in three chance you’ve already had it. If you haven’t, you only now have a one in two chance of getting it, because another 50% of currently never-infected people having infection will provide herd immunity. And if you are one of those, you probably won’t even notice, just as the other nineteen million mostly didn’t.

This article was written by Keith