Staying at Home is not Good. Here’s the Proof from New York.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is “shocked” that 66% of Covid hospital admissions are from people who had been “sheltering at home.” Cuomo, who is not a medic, may be shocked, but plenty of Doctors are not surprised.

The report is from CNBC (here.) The graph of admissions is right here:

Notice that even at the bottom of this graph it says “STAY HOME. STOP THE SPREAD. SAVE LIVES.” Yet the chart is clear evidence that staying home is not very helpful. According to the conventional wisdom, those who are out and about should be the ones getting infected. And they probably are, but not seriously enough to be hospitalised; and in many cases with no symptoms at all. Doctors are not surprised by this, because they know that staying home is not a healthy thing to do. The immune system weakens because it has few challenges. Lack of exercise leads to lack of fitness; and probably also to weight gain. Lack of sunlight reduces our vitamin D levels. All these things make someone a sitting target for Covid, with a far higher chance of serious problems when they do happen to meet the infection.

Our article comparing Tokyo and New York fatalities (here) provides a strong indication that lockdown doesn’t really work. Our article on Viral Interference (here) provides another insight into New York fatalities. Also, a New York Times article (here) points to obesity as a major risk factor; and anyone who has visited the States knows what a big problem obesity is there. We need urgently to get away from the simplistic idea that staying at home keeps us all safe. It’s far more complex than that. The evidence that locking down and crashing the economy is a good idea just isn’t there. The evidence that it’s a very bad idea is building.

This article was written by Keith