Links to other websites, Facebook pages, etc that are opposed to the Lockdown.

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Evidence Not Fear. This is a new Covid19 site, set up like this one to counteract the lack of good science being presented by the media. It is far bigger and better than this site, and almost a reason for me not to bother anymore.

In Proportion 2. Another new site dedicated to Covid and the Lockdown. Also bigger and better than this one. Google makes it very hard to find these sites. I only discovered them on 26th May through US contacts.

Lockdown Skeptics.  Set up and run by Toby Young, a Conservative Journalist who writes in the Spectator. This may put some people off, but it shouldn’t. The data and arguments are good, and there’s plenty of material. (Why the Spectator seems to carry more anti-lockdown articles than any other mainstream media is a question I often ponder.)

UKColumn.  A UK site based in Plymouth that started out as a photocopied news sheet in 2006, covering corruption on Plymouth City Council. They’ve moved on a bit since then!

Off Guardian. Established site run by Journalists who were once Guardian-Approved, but got the push. Covers many topics, but a lot of very relevant Covid coverage right now.

Pandemic Parallax View.  US website devoted to Covid, the Lockdown, and vaccinations. Masses of material from a huge variety of sources.

21st Century Wire. Very large site with many contributors based across Europe and in the USA. Covers many areas and now has a great deal of information on Covid19.

News from Underground. Run by a Professor of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University. He is also the author of many books, and has a main interest in corruption in high places. Covid19 is now a major area of concern on the site.

Global Research. Very large and established site based in Canada, covering globalisation issues. Plenty of articles on Covid now.

We The People. Smaller site based in Wales, and trying to change the tougher Welsh Lockdown.

Dr Mercola’s Website. If you often google medical matters you will know this site. Google describes Dr Joseph Mercola is an “American alternative medicine proponent, osteopathic physician, and Internet businessman, who markets dietary supplements and medical devices, some of which are controversial.” If you’re looking for something different to the Mainstream Media, “controversial” is what you need.


Telegram. (You may need to get the App.)

The Anti-Globalist Archives.


Facebook Pages.

Unlock the Lockdown

UK Lockdown Skeptics.

UK Against Lockdown and Covid Hoax.

Epidemiology Explained.

Citizens of the World Against Lockdown

Protest the Lockdowns

United Kingdom Against Lockdown!

End the Lockdown Ireland