UK Government Double Counts Covid Cases

You really couldn’t make this up! Reported first in the Telegraph, the bizarre fact is that where people have had both a nose and a throat swab test, they are counted as two cases. This seems to be the stuff of cartoons. Except that

this is deadly serious. Civil Rights are destroyed, the economy is crashed, there are tens of thousands of deaths caused by the lockdown. There has already been huge controversy about the death statistics.  Now we are deeply into the realm of either idiocy or conspiracy. It matters not which it is. This Government cannot be believed, and is unfit for purpose.

The Telegraph report is here, and a further report on Global Research website  here. The Global Research site is worth bookmarking.

UPDATE. (23rd May 18.00)

In case anyone thought this couldn’t get any worse, this report from the New York Times (here) states that different tests have been mixed up by the CDC in the US. “Stunned epidemiologists say data from antibody tests and active virus tests should never be mixed, because diagnostic testing seeks to quantify the amount of active disease in the population. Serological testing can also be unreliable. And patients who have had both diagnostic and serology tests would be counted twice in the totals.” For any Epidemiologist the difference in the types of tests is as basic as the difference between milk and flour for a cook.

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This article was written by Keith